The services we provide our customers are based on a solid foundation of experience acquired over many years of successful development, implementation and execution of business, research and development and IT functions.

We have grouped our services into four functional categories. Each detailed service within the categories is supported standalone or may be combined with any of the other services based on your specific needs. If you have any questions or would like to discuss particulars about any of our services please contact us, otherwise more information is available by clicking on any of the following categories.

Process Improvement

An organization with a process driven perspective has the advantage of orienting your company to meet the demands of the global 24/7/365 economy. This requires organizational alignment along core processes that not only cross functions and divisions, but quite often time zones, languages, and outsourced business partners. Unfortunately, companies often undertake this transformation with a narrow perspective, which can result in limited success, frustrated customers, and demoralized employees. We’ve oriented our Process Improvement services to help in key areas that enable improving quality, efficiency and a more positive customer experience while being structured to achieve significant return on investment (ROI).

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Budget Management
  • Change Management
  • Vision and Mission Development
  • Process and Quality Improvement
  • Organizational Management
  • Enterprise and Application Architecture

Business Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a capability used to describe methods for analyzing and collectively managing a group of current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics. The fundamental objective of the PPM process is to determine the optimal mix and sequencing of proposed projects to best achieve the organization's overall goals. Research contends that greater than 50% of organizations have little oversight of their project portfolio and employ non-repeatable, chaotic planning processes. Our Project Portfolio Management services utilize our experience in enabling successful PPM programs, or improving existing ones.

  • Operational Analysis
  • Portfolio Budget Management
  • Time/Resource Management
  • Asset Performance Management

IT Product Testing and System Quality Assurance

Ensuring product quality is a must for companies that want to optimize customer satisfaction, maintain constant uptime and availability and have a competitive advantage. With the complexity of today’s systems, especially in the area of integrated systems, ensuring high product quality and superior performance requires a significant effort. Unfortunately, one or both are sometimes sacrificed in an effort to meet time to market demands. Your overall quality program is a key strategy for growing your business and should be as efficient as possible without sacrifice of thoroughness.

  • Organizational Structure
  • Test Process Improvement
  • Testing Coverage Improvement
  • Test Data Efficiency
  • Measurement Program
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Organizational Efficiency
  • Change Control
  • Technology Evaluation

Product Delivery

There are many steps involved in the delivery of a software product and depending on the size of your organization it can include a variety of functional areas and a large number of people. A documented, delivery life cycle that is well known and consistently followed within your organization makes delivering your products or services more efficient. The extensive experience we’ve acquired over many years of success delivering products enables us to provide our customers with detailed reviews of existing procedures, resources, standards and technologies governing their product delivery process. Our goal is to assist your organization in decreasing costs while preparing for and managing growth by instilling a process-driven perspective.

  • Release Management
  • Software Development Life Cycle Review
  • Deployment Management
  • Measurement Program